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Mousumi Akter
Jul 30, 2022
In Gaming Forum
Good evening, my readers. Do you want to collect fresh vegetables in the most frost? To do this, use hybrid-hybrid plants that do not require sunlight and bring a sharp temperature difference. Planting cucumbers - Sublette and the answer 23784_1 July Landing cumbers - subtlety and hole Maria Verbilkova Most of all cucumber hybrids are suitable for planting in July: Ant. Courage. Bayan. Marina Grove. Garland. Moscow Sultan. These varieties are cold hardy and resistant to disease and parasites. Polluted without the help of insects. With good care, they give a lot of harvest even in the fall. Before sowing seeds, it is required to be tough. Place the seeds in a small child's eyes and SMS Services put two days in the refrigerator. After it has hardened, put the cooked seeds in the cooking solution with the contents of the head. For the procedure, "unmarried" is suitable, which includes all useful elements in his record. The drug contains magnesium which enhances the production of chlorophyll. Planting cucumbers - Sublette and the answer 23784_2 July Landing Cumbers - subtlety and hole Maria Verbilkova Seeds, as soon as they grow, they will live in a greenhouse. Vegetable plants are recommended to water in the morning. Water consumption per 1 square. M is 3-4 liters, in warm and hot weather, watering every day. During the binding of cucumbers, the level of fluid is doubled. In order for the vegetable culture to transfer the stress during the oral period, it needs constant feeding. You can use herbal solutions such as dandelion.
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Mousumi Akter

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